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How does the special line logistics enterprise get out of the predicament?

Problems restricting the development of railway logistics, capital, patterns, costs, management, industry environment, look, is a problem, seems to let a person do not know how to start, there are no prospects special line logistics? We put aside all the external factors, from the core part of the special line logistics, what is the core competitiveness of the special line logistics, and where the focus of the transformation of the special line logistics should be.

At present there are many kinds of special line logistics forms: traditional logistics enterprises (less-than-one carload transport enterprise) of main transportation, express delivery enterprises the main transportation, logistics park of main trunk line transportation, enterprise own transport. Here, we choose the most representative traditional logistics enterprises (zero-load transport enterprises) to analyze.

What is the core competitiveness of special line logistics? We choose a logistics company, what is the most important point? Freight rate? Speed? Security? Each person has a more important factor, let us savor the shipping scene, and see the delivery experience that each factor brings us:


On the highway the logistics company transportation should pay attention to the problem.

On the highway the logistics company transportation should pay attention to the problem. In the view of logistics companies, security is the most important point for the development of enterprises, so no matter when they must abide by the rules of transportation and the regulations of traffic, they should not be free to advocate violating regulations. The service is good, but the security cannot guarantee that everything is empty. Now let the Beijing logistics company introduce some regulations on highway transportation.

The development of logistics.

Especially the period of "11th five-year plan" of the state council issued the logistics industry adjust and revitalization of planning ", the logistics industry maintained a fast growth in our country, service capacity significantly increased, obviously improved infrastructure conditions and policy environment, the modern industry system preliminary formation, logistics has become an important part of national economy.

Logistics development and operation.

In 2013, the total amount of social logistics in China was 197.8 trillion yuan, with a nominal year-on-year growth of 11.6 percent, and the year-on-year growth rate was 9.5 percent, down 0.3 percentage points from the previous year. In the first half of the year, the growth rate increased by 9.4 percent, 9.1 percent in the first half of the year, 9.5 percent in the first three quarters of the year, and the trend of a "steady recovery" to a "steady recovery".

Logistics logistics speed.

Logistics speed is determined by means of transportation and management tools, weather, festivals and other factors.

Modern logistics

In today's e-commerce era, the global logistics industry has a new development trend. The core objective of modern logistics service is to meet the needs of customers in the whole process of logistics.

Logistics logistics 100.

Since 2004, organized by China logistics hundred strong selection committee (hereinafter referred to as the selection of the organizing committee) organization of logistics enterprises of China campaign has successfully held four sessions, obtained the national various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of relevant departments and units and logistics enterprise support and participation, especially in the logistics industry in economic field is generally believed that the campaign was strong authority, high credibility, to promote the development of Chinese logistics enterprises has played a positive role.