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Logistics Operations Supervisor

Minimum Education:

Recruiting Numbers:

Experience requirements:

Working Area:

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the construction and management of the operations department team, improving the sea/land/air operation processes of the operations department, and promptly resolving emergencies and customer complaints

2. Responsible for establishing and maintaining a good cooperation relationship with the carrier's customer service and operation departments, coordinating their work, and cooperating with supervision

3. Responsible for maintaining and tracking the company's core customers

4. Responsible for personnel training, performance management, and talent development for the operational team

Job requirements:

1. 28 to 35 years old, bachelor's degree or above in international shipping/international trade/logistics management or related majors, with a good professional background, over 5 years of experience in international freight forwarding operations, over 2 years of team management experience, familiar with international logistics operations

2. Strong customer service awareness, high business level, and rich professional experience; Strong organizational management and coordination skills

3. Possess a strong sense of responsibility, positive and outgoing personality, good at communication, and able to handle various interpersonal relationships appropriately

4. Consider issues comprehensively and meticulously, with a strong sense of responsibility; Strong ability to cope with emergencies

5. Have a certain level of foresight and be good at discovering and solving problems


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