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Company Profile

Shenzhen Leyibao International Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Leyibao International Logistics Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Leyibao International Logistics Co., Ltd. (RUSHBOX) specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions for cross-border enterprises. With modern logistics information systems as the core and the concept of "assisting cross-border enterprises and brand merchants in global operations", we independently develop logistics services such as Rushbox China Europe Railway, European and American Air Transport, European and American Ocean Shipping, Overseas Warehouse, FBA First Journey, Special Line Small Package, and Large Package, fully covering cross-border logistics and overseas warehousing performance services, which can meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce of different types and sizes.



Mission: To provide safe, efficient, and one-stop logistics services to help cross-border e-commerce enter the world

Vision: To become a leader in cross-border logistics in the 21st century

Values: Adhere to integrity, pursue efficiency, embrace innovation, and achieve win-win situation

Advantages of Rushbox Company


Channel security, timeliness, and stability

Channel security, timeliness, and stability

Over the years of cross-border logistics development in Europe and America, we have rich experience in customs clearance, inspection, certification, taxation, and legal affairs in Europe and America. We have established our own channels, EU VAT customs clearance, UK PVA customs clearance, and can ship built-in batteries, supporting batteries, and pure battery products. We also cooperate with UPS, DHL, DPD, GLS and other mainstream express logistics.

One-Stop Solution

One-Stop Solution

FBA's first journey (railway, sea, air, car)+direct delivery of small packages+overseas warehouses, with flexible and diverse transportation plans, and customized logistics plans as needed.

High Quality Full Service

High Quality Full Service

The customer service team communicates promptly, has its own system to efficiently process orders, and can interface with mainstream ERP software to reduce error rates in various stages.

Product channel advantages


European And American Sea Freight

Rushbox Logistics can provide export transportation services for sea freight containers, bulk cargo, and consolidation. Through supporting services such as customs declaration, inspection, insurance, terminal cargo handling, towing, taxation, warehousing, etc., it can achieve door-to-door or point-to-point transportation worldwide and provide consolidation or distribution services to minimize customer logistics costs. Rushbox has close cooperation with shipping companies. As a traditional transportation method, sea freight is characterized by heavy load, long transportation cycles, low transportation prices, and is more suitable for large-scale cargo distribution. The door-to-door delivery time is 40-60 days.

FBA Head End

Rushbox Logistics has many years of international logistics experience and a good service network, providing Amazon FBA first leg transportation services from China to the United States and the European Union. The goods are tracked throughout the entire process, with stable timeliness and a wide coverage area. Transportation services from China to Amazon warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany or to transit centers.

China Europe Express

Rushbox has many years of experience in railway transportation, with designated routes and stable time efficiency. The transportation time is shortened by one-third compared to sea freight, and the transportation price is one-third that of air freight.

European And American Air Freight

Rushbox Europe and America Airfreight is an international dedicated line service that Rushbox Logistics cooperates with various high-quality airlines around the world. This service combines high-quality air freight companies, customs clearance companies, and express delivery service providers to jointly create a cross-border e-commerce dedicated line service with fast time and strong customs clearance.

China Europe Motor Transport

Based on the principle of being responsible to customers, Rushbox has been actively exploring new transportation channels and is committed to channel diversification. In 2019, our company worked closely with truck companies to provide a fourth transportation method for China Europe trade, apart from air, sea, and railway transportation, which is very competitive in terms of cost, timeliness, and flexibility.

Overseas Warehouse

Rushbox Overseas Warehouse Service Support: One piece shipping, return and label replacement, FBA transportation, product testing and maintenance, re listing, overseas warehouse distribution, and other services. Our own overseas warehouse system is efficiently managed and connected to mainstream ERP software.